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What is Gravity Training? And why is it one of the best, HIIT workouts you’ll ever love? When I first purchased my EFI Gravity Trainers, my clients said:  “Wow. It looks like a cross between a Pilates Reformer and the Total Gym. Haha! Remember those infomercials?” I grinned. Because I knew these clients were about…

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Gravity Training: It’s Not What You Think!

When you hear the words “Gravity Training” do you picture yourself hanging upside down with big boots on?  Or maybe something like this little guy…? You aren’t alone! But let me put your mind at ease. Gravity training is a full-body workout done on a machine that, although it similar to Pilates, has more benefits.…

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Group Gravity Training at T-Squared

Group Gravity Training: Fast, Overall Fitness Group Gravity Training classes are a great way to get fit regardless of your current fitness level. Here’s how it works — and why it’s perfect for you! Why are my gravity classes different from any other class out there? The benefits increase from the expertise of a personal…

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