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Archive for August 2016

Get Off That Couch!

Get off that couch, stay motivated & get fit! I was recently asked: “How do people stay motivated when working out? How do they maintain consistency to remain fit?” The truth is taking action and getting off that couch! Setting Goals At some point in your life, you realize something: setting goals is only one…

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Quiz: Yoga Myths and Misconceptions

Think You Know Yoga Fact from Fiction? Born in India over 5000 years ago, Yoga is, relatively speaking, a recent adoption for Westerners. Yet, over the years, a myriad of yoga myths and misconceptions have taken hold. How much do you really know about yoga? Take this quiz to find out: 1. Myth or Fact?…

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Blenders, Juicers & Shakes, Oh My!

Blenders, juicers and shakes oh my Smoothies and shakes can be a great source of nutrients and proteins to the body. In fact with natural and healthy ingredients one can mix and blend some refreshing and nourishing drinks for ones body. Fitness instructors recommend power shakes before a work out routine as it will supply…

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A good playlist can work wonders

A good playlist can work wonders! You always see people using their ipods or other musical devices when working out, running or doing something active. You might ask yourself why? Why do people listen to music when working out? Science proves that music can be a huge motivator. The tempo, the beat, the instruments, all…

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