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3 Secrets and Tips For Anti-Aging

Anti-Aging Secrets

To be honest, you’ve probably already been bombarded with “secrets” to looking younger as you age, so I think it’s more useful to look at ways you can feel more youthful and vibrant at any age! Buy all the creams and makeups you want, but the true secret to eternal youth cannot be found in a bottle!


1. Make good choices about the food and liquid you put in your body! Don’t eat packaged or pre-made food from the grocery store, don’t drink pop or artificially sweetened beverages and don’t eat fast food! Easy for me to say? Sure, but think about how we humans lived before the invention of the grocery store…it’s not impossible!


2. Protect your skin! Sure, having a glowing tan in the summer may seem sexy, but fast forward 20 years and that sun damage will show! Not to mention the risks of skin cancer, sun exposure will most definitely make you age before your time. Wear sunscreen and find a good overall moisturizer.


3. Deal with the stress in your life! There are studies that show that stress is among the highest of risk factors for early disease and death. Take time from your busy demanding life to get moving, make it challenging and fun! Mix it up and try new things as well.

4. Remember to laugh! They say laughter is the best medicine, and it’s for a good reason! Not only will laughter help keep life in your relationships it also is a powerful stress buster.

The choice is yours, you can buy in to what the media and magazines tell you about staying young looking, or you can focus on feeling great by taking care of yourself. If you’re consistently following these simple rules you’ll be sure to maintain your youthful looks and energy.