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Fitness and Health Tips

A good playlist can work wonders

A good playlist can work wonders! You always see people using their ipods or other musical devices when working out, running or doing something active. You might ask yourself why? Why do people listen to music when working out? Science proves that music can be a huge motivator. The tempo, the beat, the instruments, all…

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Setting Goals to Stay Healthy and Fit

Setting goals Fitness instructors are almost like health coaches. Recent interviews reveal that setting fitness goals in just as important as implementing them. In fact without accomplishments and rewards it becomes very hard to motivate oneself to push yourself through the transition of weight loss or staying fit. The challenge with setting goals is most…

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Planning Your Meals for Success

Are you Planning your meals for success When you go through weight loss regimes you experience rigorous workout routines, substitute unhealthy food with better choices and most of all keep with consistency. The most effective way to ensuring you are eating healthy is to plan you meals ahead of time. If you ask many graduates…

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The Hidden Truth About Soda Pop

In North America we have seen substance abuse heighten over the years. Some people might agree with me when I say I think people abuse the drinking of soda pop. In fact in North America studies have shown the high obesity rate can link back to ones diet. In most cases people who are obese…

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