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A good playlist can work wonders

A good playlist can work wonders!

You always see people using their ipods or other musical devices when working out, running or doing something active. You might ask yourself why? Why do people listen to music when working out? Science proves that music can be a huge motivator. The tempo, the beat, the instruments, all factor in when it comes to helping with the adrenaline rush.


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People seeking physical activity will use a great playlist to keep them going during a long work out like a long walk or a run. Most people will use this to help with mental motivation during the workout phase. Troy always recommends a good playlist for people looking at doing a long physical exercise provided you are in a safe place.

People have different musical taste and work out to different types of music. Younger generations might respond more to something faster while the baby boomer might listen to something more acoustic. Whatever your music taste is its important to use it if it can help motivate you achieve your fitness goals.

What type of music motivates you to work out?