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What is Gravity Training? Why is it one of the best HIIT workouts? When I first purchased my EFI Gravity Trainers, my clients said:  “Wow. It looks like a cross between a Pilates Reformer and the Total Gym. Haha! Remember those infomercials?” I grinned. Because I knew these clients were about to get schooled. 🙂…

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Gravity Training: It’s Not What You Think!


When you hear the words “Gravity Training” do you picture yourself hanging upside down with big boots on?  Or maybe something like this little guy…? You aren’t alone! But let me put your mind at ease. Gravity training is a full-body workout done on a machine that, although it similar to Pilates, has more benefits.…

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Group Gravity Training at T-Squared

Toned Arms

Group Gravity Training: Fast, Overall Fitness Group Gravity Training classes are a great way to get fit regardless of your current fitness level. Here’s how it works — and why it’s perfect for you! What makes our training outstanding? We integrate all aspects of these methods in each workout: strength, cardio, & stretching. This new…

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Mountain Bike Training

Want to Improve Your Endurance & Technical Skills? Get Personal Training for Mountain Bikers at T-Squared Vancouver. If you’re looking for mountain bike training program that is fun and exciting, T-Squared has designed something especially for you. Our personal training for mountain bikers incorporates strengthening movements to improve your power an get you in better…

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Meet Troy: Vancouver Personal Trainer

Meet Troy: Owner and Trainer at T-Squared Hi, I’m Troy, your Personal Trainer and the owner of T-Squared, Vancouver. I became a health and fitness trainer to help people stay on track. I love seeing my clients achieve the results they deserve after following my exercise and health plans. And here’s how I do it,…

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Personal training for the Next Level.

Ready to take your fitness to the next level? Whether it’s your first workout or you’re a seasoned pro, I can create a personal training program to get you to a new level of fitness. I work with clients who’ve never exercised before and I work with professional athletes, everyone can benefit by working with a personal…

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Sunscreens: Some Do More Harm Than Good

Woman's Hand Applying Suntan Cream On Woman's Back.

Do you know which sunscreens work? And which do more harm than good…?   Everyone loves a day at the beach: swimming, playing in the waves, lounging on the beach with a good book or exploring the shore. But before we head out to play and enjoy the great outdoors, let’s not forget to protect…

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Get Off That Couch!

Get off that couch, stay motivated & get fit! I was recently asked: “How do people stay motivated when working out? How do they maintain consistency to remain fit?” The truth is taking action and getting off that couch! Setting Goals At some point in your life, you realize something: setting goals is only one…

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Quiz: Yoga Myths and Misconceptions

Acro Yoga Floating Paschi Pose

Think You Know Yoga Fact from Fiction? Born in India over 5000 years ago, Yoga is, relatively speaking, a recent adoption for Westerners. Yet, over the years, a myriad of yoga myths and misconceptions have taken hold. How much do you really know about yoga? Take this quiz to find out: 1. Myth or Fact?…

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Losing Weight: How to Take it Off and Keep it Off

Food Diary Healthy Eating Plan

A Simple Guide to Releasing that Extra Weight. Like many others, you want to get healthier and lose weight, right? You’ve probably realized by now that there is no magic bullet to losing weight (except for the ones that make awesome smoothies). There is no overnight success (sorry to burst your bubble). But good news:…

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