Get off that couch, stay motivated & get fit!

stay motivated

TV and Pizza won’t help you stay motivated.

I was recently asked: “How do people stay motivated when working out? How do they maintain consistency to remain fit?” The truth is taking action and getting off that couch!

Setting Goals

At some point in your life, you realize something: setting goals is only one side of the commitment coin. The other side is implementing them. Take this real-life example, for instance…
I recently had a client who would come home from work, sit on the couch and watch TV every evening. His desire was simply to drown out the entire day through mindless activities. Naturally, when he came to me he was overweight, inactive and didn’t know how to break his TV habit.
We started by getting him to reprogram his daily activities. The first focus was getting off the couch. This habit took some time to change. At first, the TV was a reward after an evening of physical activity. Then finally something changed…
mindset changes

Change your mindset: from couch potato to hiker.

My client became more focused on his health and gradually lost interest in television. His lifestyle was no longer controlled by his previous poor habits.
He had developed new ones. So, how do we keep good habits, and not fall back onto our bad ones…?
That is the most common question (and frustration) of gaining weight or losing motivation. And it’s the reason…

Why goals fail regardless of good intentions.

The short answer?

Because you also need follow-through.

Here are my tips on getting you off the couch, maintaining follow-through, and adhering to a steady fitness schedule.

Tips on getting off the couch and into a new routine:
  • Plan out your evening
  • Fill the evening with physical activity
  • Hire a fitness instructor
  • Hold yourself accountable
  • Join a friend and share common health goals
  • Come up with active interests
  • Become active and enjoy the outdoors
  • Take action
Dancing: an activity many enjoy.

Dancing: a fun activity for all ages.

What about you? Ready to change your habits? I can help.

Are you ready to try these suggestions for becoming more active? How are you holding yourself accountable? Give me a call and I promise I will help you change your mindset and develop a more active lifestyle. I promise: you’ll love the new you.