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Body Armor Ventilation Atlanta GA

Most people who overdress for the weather can simply take off the top layer to balance the body’s temperature. Law enforcement officers do not have the option to remove their bulletproof vests to stay lightweight and with the best temperature for the day. Eight hours of enduring stickiness and wetness will quickly wear down an otherwise alert attitude and energy.

Fortunately, technology has allowed security personnel to find a solution that is thin and flexible enough to accommodate different climatic conditions. Our vest designs have undergone vigorous testing in all weather conditions and various physical activities. We are confident that they have better economic performance because of the superior cooling system.

What will you get from our body armor cooling system?

Inflatable material

The body armor ventilation system in Atlanta GA has a thin fabric that can rest undetectably along the body. It has a membrane lining that prevents air from escaping when you inflate it to offer a more breathable quality. The material is light enough to allow fill up with air fast enough for a pronounced cooling effect—the little bags of air help to carry enough atmosphere across the entire wearer’s body.

Physical construction

All the inflatable materials have enough space to maintain a stiff structure while under pressure. The mechanical operation of the vest will not constrict together the elements, making them less effective or uncomfortable to wear. All the pieces are easy to detach and will function excellent in emergencies. You can train with a fully inflated cooling system with optimal comfort and performance.


An excellent cooling system should adhere to the scientific standards that define the best cooling system. Many law enforcement personnel recommend our units because they stand true to their detailed operation. We use light materials that do not absorb moisture; instead, they help to waft it away with increased space between the armor and the body.

The lab-tested units work better than most units because they allow faster drying and cooling, which beats cotton and other common materials. We have evidence that the cooling system prevents chafing, which instigates frequent cleaning of the vest carrier. The final testing is that we have a cop-verified rating, meaning the cooling system will be equally effective in aggressive and lengthy confrontations in adverse weather.

Medical backing

Most replicate cooling systems do not obey the rules of science. We, however, produce original units that maintain the standards of science throughout the design and production process. The cooling process begins when you press the rubber control feature to allow air in and out of the inflatable system. We ensure a consistent chill environment because all the attached units enable equal distribution of air around the wearer’s body.

How can you tell when you need a better cooling vest? You may experience rashes and breakouts because of bacteria build-up.

You may hate to wear sweaty and stinky clothes for long hours on the job. Law enforcement jobs that have cooling systems in the car are not conducive to an outdoor activity. The only practical approach is to contact our police supply store for details about the purchase of body armor ventilation system in Atlanta GA


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