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Your Healthy Eating Plan: Tips on Staying Fit and Preventing Cancer

A Healthy Eating Plan: How to build it, keep it and love it. We all know that unhealthy eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle are two of the prime factors that cause excess body weight. Most noteworthy is how excess weight can lead to heart disease, diabetes and several types of cancer. This includes 2…
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5 Easy Toning Exercises to Do Anywhere

Going on Holiday? A business trip? No time for the gym? No gym, no problem: Toning Exercises On the Go Here are 5 Easy Toning Exercises to do anywhere! Whether it's a long holiday weekend or a hectic work schedule that's keeping you from the gym,  you don't have to skip exercise. These toning exercises…
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Sitting Is The New Smoking

Sitting Is The New Smoking As science and medicine have advanced in the last century, so has our understanding of the ill effects of a sedentary lifestyle that has become common in the western world. We all know that poor eating habits and no physical activity can cause a snowball effect of illness, disease and…