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CZ canada

A juggernaut in the sports shooting industry, CZ has a number of subsidiaries around the world. CZ-USA is one such subsidiary. It is responsible for the distribution of CZ products throughout the United States and Canada. At Rangeview Sports, we work with CZ-USA and CZ as a whole to make the company’s products available to the people of Newmarket, Ontario. With our competitive prices and nationwide delivery, we are one of the leading suppliers of CZ in Canada. 

The CZ Story

The first CZ firearms were manufactured in 1937 in Czechoslovakia. During this time, the company dealt in both military and civilian products. CZ carried on in this manner for a number of decades, establishing itself as one of the finest producers of military-grade weapons in the world. Toward the turn of the millennium, however, the company’s attention shifted primarily to civilian firearms. This led to something of a revolution in the sports shooting industry. Finally, firearm enthusiasts had access to recreational weapons that boasted the precision and handling of their military counterparts. The impeccable quality of CZ’s sports and hunting firearms resulted in an unprecedented demand for the brand’s products. This led to the creation of CZ-USA in 1998. Since its inception, CZ-USA has been importing and distributing CZ’s world-renowned firearms throughout North America. This includes CZ brand rifles, shotguns, pistols, and even the USA Field Sports series, which is imported from Turkey. You can find these products and additional CZ sports shooting equipment right here at Rangeview Sports.

CZ At Rangeview Sports

At Rangeview Sports, it is our privilege to be one of the leading sellers of CZ in Canada. We stock some of CZ’s most iconic products, along with a plethora of contemporary models boasting the very latest in firearm technology. These include guns such as the CZ 75 Tactical Sport 9mm. A competition-ready firearm, the CZ 75 Tactical Sport is designed to help competitive shooters effectively harness their skills. The gun’s updated trigger system allows for a more intuitive shooting experience. Meanwhile, its gaping magazine well ensures speedy magazine changes. Our customers will also appreciate the CZ Shadow 2 9mm Urban. Perhaps the most noteworthy feature of this firearm is its 1913 accessory rail. The gun also boasts a swappable mag release, a corrosion-resistant nitride finish, and minimal trigger reset. These are just two examples of the many quality CZ products we stock at Rangeview Sports. 

Buy CZ Today

When you purchase a CZ firearm, you join an elite group of sports and hunting shooters. The CZ community is one that views shooting as an art form and understands the work that goes into designing a truly great firearm. At Rangeview Sports, so do we. We believe every firearm enthusiast should have the opportunity to shoot a CZ gun. For that reason, we offer the most competitive rates on CZ firearms in Newmarket, Ontario. In fact, you’re unlikely to find more affordable CZ rates anywhere in Canada. Check out our online store or visit us in person to shop our full CZ range.

CZ canada
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