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Losing weight with weight training vs. Cardio

Losing weight with weight training vs. Cardio   Have you ever attempted to change your diet or start an exercise program to lose weight? Everyone who has started this journey has faced many challenges, but the benefits from losing weight and transforming your body with a personal training program are life-changing. You can track your…
Efficient Workouts

Efficient Workouts

Efficient Workouts How long should a workout be? I once had a personal trainer tell me we’d start workouts at 20 minutes, and eventually work our way up to 45 minutes. Once we hit the 45 minute mark, we could shoot for an hour. And once I got to an hour, I could shoot for…
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5 Ways to Know if You’ve Found the Best Personal Trainer in Vancouver

Canada ranks among the worlds more overweight countries. One of the most common causes is activity inequity and excuses. There are many reasons other than body fat or weight to work with a personal fitness trainer. If you are working on achieving a goal, i.e. running a marathon, powerlifting squat, bench or lift your one rep…
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How to Find and Attend the Best Fitness Classes in Vancouver

Do you know what the best things about fitness classes are? First, you get expert guidance without the guesswork from a fitness professional. Second, accountability to your workout along with social support and a fitness community of like-minded fit people. Third, the opportunity to explore movement in a new way. Finally, a way to have…

5 Reasons Why Personal Trainers Should Recommend Gluten-Free Diets

Personal trainers should be able to recommend both optimal training regimes and optimal diets for their clients. The more science teaches us about gluten, the more we realize how it can negatively impact our health. Therefore, it is very important for personal trainers to familiarize themselves with gluten and gluten-free diets. Of course, a gluten-free…
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How cycling can improve your fitness and training program.

How cycling can improve your fitness and training program. As you will see through T-Squared personal training, there are many different activities you can undertake to improve your fitness and well being. One activity that is sometimes overlooked is cycling. Cycling and bike training are superb forms of exercise and can provide you with a…