Gravity Training: It’s Not What You Think!


When you hear the words “Gravity Training” do you picture yourself hanging upside down with big boots on?  Or maybe something like this little guy…?


By David Haring / Duke Lemur Center

You aren’t alone! But let me put your mind at ease. Gravity training is a full-body workout done on a machine that, although it similar to Pilates, has more benefits. Think: the muscle of weight training, the calorie burn of cardio, and the postural lengthening of Pilates. All rolled into one.

And not only that: It’s also safe for all fitness levels!

Let me show you how it works…

My clients love working out with our Gravity Trainer. That’s because they get awesome results in a just 45 minutes. No matter what level of fitness they are starting with.

For instance, I have total beginners who I set up on a very easy level. And I have very fit athletes. Both groups who are amazed at the kick butt workout I give them. And the coolest thing about Gravity? Eventually, even beginners can progress into an athletic fitness level. Because Gravity Training levels can be increased as you get stronger.

There’s no way but up, with Gravity! It’s really all about commitment.

And when it’s fun, like it is with Gravity Training — it’s easy to stay committed!

Not sure? Check out this video and see how fun a Gravity training workout can be.

GRAVITY Demonstration
GRAVITY Demonstration

Gravity Training at T-Squared Vancouver

I provide both one-on-one clients and small group classes (4 people max) several times a week. See this short video testimonial from two of my Gravity group class clients. They are loving the classes and are thrilled with their results.

Gravity Training

Lauren and Breeanna, Gravity Training

If you have any questions or want to try a Group Gravity class or a private session get in touch. I promise, you’ll love it.  And you’ll never be left hanging upside down!


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