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5 Easy Toning Exercises to Do Anywhere

Going on Holiday? A business trip? No time for the gym? Here are 5 Easy Toning Exercises to do anywhere! Whether it’s a long holiday weekend or a hectic work schedule that’s keeping you from the gym,  you don’t have to skip exercise. These toning exercises can be done using your own body. That’s right,…
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Your Healthy Eating Plan: Tips on Staying Fit and Preventing Cancer

A Healthy Eating Plan: How to build it, keep it and love it. We all know that unhealthy eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle are two of the prime factors that cause excess body weight. Most noteworthy is how excess weight can lead to heart disease, diabetes and several types of cancer. This includes 2…
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What is Gravity Training? Why is it one of the best HIIT workouts? When I first purchased my EFI Gravity Trainers, my clients said:  “Wow. It looks like a cross between a Pilates Reformer and the Total Gym. Haha! Remember those infomercials?” I grinned. Because I knew these clients were about to get schooled. 🙂…

Gravity Training: It’s Not What You Think!

When you hear the words “Gravity Training” do you picture yourself hanging upside down with big boots on?  Or maybe something like this little guy…? You aren’t alone! But let me put your mind at ease. Gravity training is a full-body workout done on a machine that, although it similar to Pilates, has more benefits.…
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Group Gravity Training at T-Squared

Group Gravity Training: Fast, Overall Fitness Group Gravity Training classes are a great way to get fit regardless of your current fitness level. Here’s how it works — and why it’s perfect for you! What makes our training outstanding? We integrate all aspects of these methods in each workout: strength, cardio, & stretching. This new…
Mountain Bike Training


Want to Improve Your Endurance & Technical Skills? Get Personal Training for Mountain Bikers at T-Squared Vancouver. If you’re looking for mountain bike training program that is fun and exciting, T-Squared has designed something especially for you. Our personal training for mountain bikers incorporates strengthening movements to improve your power an get you in better…