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Article provided by: LAX Ammunition OC

Orange County Gun Stores

Orange County gun stores are stores in California that carry guns, ammunition and reloading supplies. One of these stores is Lax Ammunition OC. At Lax, we keep updated on the new laws in California concerning firearms.  We are a family-owned store that offers a wide variety of ammunition and loading supplies. We are always adding new products. One of our lead-free ammunition is well stocked, and there are a lot of things to choose from.  Some of the brands we carry are G2, Underwood, and Browning.


In Orange County gun stores you will find a good selection, but we have it under one roof. We not only carry ammunition, but we also have cleaning supplies, magazine loaders, safety gear, and targets. This is indeed a gun store where you can get all your hunting and gun maintenance needs. There are gun cases and bags as well as gun cabinets and safes.


There are personal protection items that can be purchased at our gun store. We have knives from well-known manufacturers like Benchmade and Zero Tolerance. You can also get the mace and stun guns.  You can even get tactical gear like shirts, shorts, and patches. There are also shirts and hats. Here at Lax, we keep a good variety so that our customers can get everything they need at one stop


While you are there, check out our ammunition reloading supplies. We have the brand names that are the most well known in the industry. Not only is reloading supplies available, but also reloaded ammunition. We have powders from Winchester and Hodgdon as well as many other brands; There are primers and projectiles as well.  We have guns and ammunition supplies to meet every need. There are other stores in the area.


The Lax firing range location is equipped to handle all the shooter’s needs. We rent guns for you to be able to try out a gun or handgun before you buy it. You can rent a shotgun, high powered rifle or handgun. We also offer a gun cleaning service. For about 15 or 20 dollars and a few minutes, we can clean your gun with a 3-step ultrasonic cleaning system.  There are also Lax stores in Los Angeles and San Diego.  Some of the stores have indoor shooting ranges. Some of the other services offered are law enforcement needs and gunsmithing.  All locations have a pro shop and extensive choice of ammunition and reloading supplies. There are also classes, and gun shows available. There are training classes for the security guards as well as beginners.  You need to check with the location nearest you to see what they have to offer.


Lax Ammunition is one of the top orange county gun stores, and our goal is to carry everything you need for your shooting experience.  Whether you are shooting for pleasure or as part of a job, our products and staff are here to meet all your needs.  We keep up with the changing firearms laws and regulations.

Orange County Gun Stores

LAX Ammunition OC

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