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CZ Rifles

CZ Rifles

Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod is a Czech manufacturer of firearms. Often referred to simply as “CZ”, it long ago established itself as one of the primary providers of firearms and related equipment in the world. Much of CZ’s success can be traced back to its rifles. CZ rifles are among the best ever produced. They boast a combination of precision, intuitiveness, and smooth handling that every shooter can appreciate. At Rangeview Sports, we are proud to provide a wide range of CZ products, including rifles, to the people of Newmarket, Ontario. 

Why Rangeview Sports?

Rangeview Sports is one of the primary carriers of CZ products in all of Ontario. Whether you’re looking for a handgun, rifle, or another CZ-branded firearm, you can be sure you’ll find it in our store. We also have a comprehensive online shop, allowing firearm enthusiasts outside the Newmarket area to shop our full CZ range. We ship orders all over Canada, so you can take advantage of our deals and sales no matter where you are in the country. At Rangeview Sports, it is our mission to serve the Canadian firearms community.

In our mind, that means doing far more than selling guns and equipment. We have worked extensively with the CSSA and the CCFR to protect Canadian gun owners and introduce newcomers to the joys of sports shooting. We employ a small team, all of whom are firearm experts and are always happy to share their knowledge with our customers. If you need help finding the perfect firearm or simply want to talk shop, Rangeview Sports is here for you.

Rifles From CZ

At Rangeview Sports, we are proud to be partnered with CZ-USA and additional arms of the CZ brand. We have worked closely with all to ensure our store is stocked with the latest CZ offerings. Additionally, we have consulted our loyal customers via social media to determine what CZ products they would like to see us carry. As a result, we have built up an extensive catalog of the brand’s most in-demand rifles. These include the CZ 445 Thumbhole. The 445 Thumbhole is a breathtaking rifle that is capable of shooting intermediate to long distances.

It boasts the precision and power that has become characteristic of CZ firearms. Shooters will also enjoy its detachable magazine, adjustable trigger pull, and its hammer-forged barrel. As impressive as it is, the CZ 445 Thumbhole is just one of many rifles from CZ we stock at Rangeview Sports. You can view our full range of rifles from CZ and other leading manufacturers in-store or online. 

Shop CZ Today

Whether you’re a newcomer to the brand or a long-time CZ devotee, Rangeview Sports is the place you need to be. At the top provider of CZ equipment in Newmarket, we have something for shooters of all levels. With our extensive catalog of CZ rifles, you can be certain you’re going to find the one that meets your needs and preferences. Visit us in-store or shop online to get the rifle of your dreams for the price of your dreams.


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