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Sweat Towels

Sweat Towels

At Towel Tech, we know that sweat towels are among the most underrated gym items and we want to change that. They can make the difference in ways you wouldn’t even expect.

What should I bring to the gym?

A water bottle is a must, along with workout clothes, maybe some headphones with your favorite playlist and a must-have high-grade towel. The latter usually ranks at the bottom of people’s list, mostly because of its apparent humble contribution to the workout routine. But a high-quality towel can make the difference between an enjoyable, safe gym session and one that will leave a bad impression.

Unlike regular towels, our product contains TENCEL fiber, which is a revolutionary material with impressive properties. It is eco-friendly, highly-absorbent, and incredibly comfortable and adaptable.

Why is a gym towel important?

There are three reasons why your gym bag should include a towel:

Anti-perspiration and anti-odor properties – A good towel should provide high absorption rates, especially in a humid environment like a crowded gym. Our TENCEL material will not only absorb the sweat but inhibit the unpleasant odors as well.

Anti-bacterial and fungi protection – An active gym makes for the ideal environment for bacteria, germs and fungi growth, no matter how thorough the sanitation process. Our gym towel is designed to provide a protective barrier against these organisms, keeping you safe and clean.

Common sense – You don’t want to leave your sweat all over the gym equipment, just like you don’t want to see other people doing the same thing. Sweat towels are ideal in this context, as you can use them to cover the gym equipment that you’re touching.

How to choose a workout towel?

When it comes to gym towels, quality should come first. You need to check the towel’s composition, its qualities, and what it can offer you. Although many gyms provide their own towel services, the towels that they’re offering are almost always subpar. You need something that would provide you with protection, comfort, and practicality, and this is exactly what our product delivers.

The TENCEL material is incredibly resilient and adaptable, capable of high performances even in the most demanding environments. You can now perform your daily workout routines without having to worry about bothering others with your sweat prints all over the gym equipment. TENCEL dries faster than other materials, it absorbs humidity more effectively, and it is great at preventing fungi infections.

Are gym towels expensive?

Considering the benefits, no, they are not expensive at all. Our eco-friendly TENCEL towel is available for an amazing $29,99 with significant discounts when acquiring two or three pieces. What you will get in return will greatly outweigh the price. Our towel comes with a zipper pocket to deposit your keys or phone, a magnet to stick it to metal surfaces, and outstanding sanitation properties.

If you’re looking for top-notch sweat towels, check out our shop at Towel Tech! Make sure to grab two pieces to get a discount and to have a spare towel if your workout routine is highly demanding!

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